Meet Aputure’s INFINIBAR an RGBWW full-color LED pixel bar

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Aputure is one of the fastest growing cinema technology companies that produce high-end LED lighting solutions with various lighting gears and accessories to their credit. They just introduced a brand new set of RGBWW full color LED called the INFINIBAR which includes the 30 cm/1ft PB3, 60 cm/2ft PB6 and 120 cm/4ft PB12. Each INFINIBAR Pixel Bar features a pixel density of 24 pixels per foot. The PB3 has 24 pixels, the PB6 has 48 pixels and the PB12 features 96 pixels.

the three models of Infinibar pixel

Seamless Connectivity

The ability of the INFINIBAR to connect seamlessly to each other is one key feature of this light that has made it standout. To design creative shapes and effects, we just have to link multiple INFINIBARs together using up to10 differently-shaped connectors. Each connector features DC power passthrough, so you can power multiple INFINIBAR fixtures using a single power supply. This means you don’t need to run power to every light in the assembly. You can also use the INFINIBARs’ internal batteries for more flexibility. The INFINIBAR’s infinite blending design also eliminates visible gaps between fixtures linked with straight connectors by creating seamless pixelated effects.

different shapes and design with the Infinibar

Multi-light Shaping Tools

The INFINIBARs can also be mounted with the integrated neodymium magnets and the INFINIBAR Rail with Baby Pin adapter for flexible positioning. Because of their rectilinear shape and seamless interaction, we can build them directly into set designs. INFINIBAR has vast creative possibilities when building lighting and creative patterns on your background. They can be used to spell out words, numbers, letters as the design lends itself to practical lighting on set.

some multi-light shaping tools

RGBWW Color Reproduction

The RGBWW chipset allows the INFINIBAR series to reproduce an ultra-wide CCT range of 2,000K- 10,000K. It also has over 90% of the Rec.2020 color space with saturated colors. Aputure states that their RGBWW LED chipset for full-color functionality maintains Aputure’s standard for high color reproduction. As a result, INFINIBAR can achieve an average CRI of 95+, TLCI of 98, SSI (D56) of 74, and SSI (Tungsten) of 85 to always produce accurate skin tones.

high color reproduction

Light Modifiers

For all three LED pixel bars sizes there are two different light modifiers available. The Softbox which is a rectangular soft light modifier that diffuses and softens light output, as a key or fill light for illuminating subjects such as people or products. The 45º Light Control Grid is designed specifically to limit the beam spread of the LED pixel bar. This modifier controls the beam angle to 45° and reduces unwanted spill light, without significantly increasing the footprint and transforms the bar into a more directional light.

the two available softbox for Infinibar

Some other features of the INFINIBAR includes the following:

  • 0 to 100% brightness control at increments of .1%
  • Seven pixel effects: Color Fade, Color Cycle, 1-Pixel Chase, 2-Pixel Chase, 3-Pixel Chase, Rainbow and Pixel Fire.
  • Nine built-in lighting effects: Fireworks II, Fire II, Paparazzi II, Faulty Bulb II, TV III, Pulsing III, Cop Car III, Lightning III and Party II.
  • Multiple control methods: Sidus Link App, LumenRadio CRMX and DMX/RDM via USB-C.
  • Included mounting options: Clamp to Baby Pin Adapter, two 1/4-20″ female threads, magnetic spacers, and the Straight Connector for the INFINIBAR Rail system.
  • Save up to 10 Custom FX and 10 Music FX.
  • Frequency Selection to Reduce Flicker.
  • Optional Light Control Accessories: Softbox and 45º Slip-On Light Control Grid

Carrying Case

Each kit contains the following:

  • 1x 48W DC Power Adapter (3m)
  • 1x AC Locking Power Cable (1.5m)
  • 1x Clamp to Baby Pin Adapter
  • 1x Straight Connector
  • 1x 5mm Hex Wrench
  • 1x Carrying Case
INFINIBAR – source: Aputure

The INFINIBAR has definitely raised the standard for stick lights and RGBWW LED pixel bar generally because it can connect seamlessly. This ‘infinite blending design’ feature is obviously the reason Aputure’s mantra for the series is ‘Shape your Vision’.

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