A Look at Aputures LS 600x Pro

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As we all know, the Aputure brand has lots of lighting fixtures which they have produced over the years for filmmakers. They range from small and very handy fixtures which can fit into a back pocket like the likes of M6 and Amaran tube to even the more prominent ones with stronger light output like the Aputure 600s and 1200s. On the list if these prominent fixtures with strong light output is the new dual color LS 600x Pro.

According to Aputure, every aspect of LS 600x Pro is designed with professionals in mind. It has an incredible output, a weather- resistant construction, a wide variety of power options, a professional level lighting controls including Sidus Link, Art-net and wireless DMX.

Some important features of LS 600 Pro includes the following:

1. Bi- Color – CCT 2700k- 6500k.
2. Precision color-blending optics
3. Maximum Power output of 600w. 4. Power consumption 720w. 5. Max and constant output power modes
6. Stepless brightness control: 0-100%
7. Dust and water resistant
8. Multiple Control Methods: On board 2.4 GHz remote, Sidus link, Bluetooth app control, built-in wireless DMX, Art-net, Ethernet, 5-Pin DMX512 In and Out.
9. Multi-voltage battery plates support 14.4V / 26V / 28.8V batteries.
10. Supports 48V/15A DC input power (3-pin XLR) including battery power stations and block batteries. 11. Utilizes universal Bowens mount
12. Frequency modulation to remove flicker.
13. Separate control box for a lighter lamp head
14. Weatherproof head cable: 24.6′, Locking Neutrik Power Cable: 19.7′
Lightning Clamp quick release plate.
15. Four Dimming Curves: Linear, Exponential, Log, S-Curve.
16. Nine built-in Lighting effects: Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, Explosion, and Fire. 17. Screen type – OLed.

With the above listed features, I bet the next time you walk into an Aputure store or you make an order online for your LS 600x Pro, you can do so confidently!