LitePanels Launches 2×1 Hard Super Bright LED Panel

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LitePanels has announced a compact and light 2×1 LED panel that is so bright, it can illuminate nearly 20,000 lux at three meters, and so lightweight that it can be carried around by either stagehands or drones to put light exactly where it needs to be.

“Gemini 2×1 Hard produces a greater volume of light than any other RGBWW LED panel available to gaffers and lighting designers today,” said Michael Herbert, product manager, Litepanels. “No other 2×1 LED panel is this powerful or this versatile.

We have combined the latest advances in LED technology with cutting edge industrial design to push the boundaries of what is possible with LED lighting for cinema production.”The new Gemini 2×1 Hard LED panel has some notable design features that are not only aimed to boost the brightness of the lamp but also make the LEDs more robust and resistant to breakage. Lite Panels has accomplished this by encasing each RGB LED in high-impact polycarbonate, which has the added benefit of creating a 20° beam angle and boosting the brightness of the light to 20,000 lux at 3 meters.The Gemini 2×1 Hard has a color temperature of 2700-10000K, and an impressive color accuracy raging of 95 CRI/97TLCI. The Panel can be affixed with a soft fabric diffuser, or a slide-in hard domed diffuser to even out the light throw, or it can go naked for a full-on blast of bright LED light to mimic a harshly lit environment.

1. 23,000 lux at 10ft/3m (Daylight) with a 20° beam angle
2. Ultra light and domed diffusers included
3. Extended white color temperature range from 2,700-10,000K
4. Outstanding color accuracy, CRI 95 / TLCI 97
5. Full RGBWW color gamut mixing
6. CCT, HSI, and XY control modes
7. Full plus/minus green color correction
8. 0.1 – 100% automatic flicker-free
9. Dimming at any frame rate or shutter angle
10. Integrated DMX, RDM, and CRMX Protocols
11. Multi-voltage 100-240VAC; DC Input 26-33 VDC
12. Lightweight: 25.3 lbs / 11.5 kg
Moreover, even though it can put out more light than any other panel in its category, the design is very stingy on power consumption, only using a maximum of 500 watts at full power.The lite can be powered by an AC power connection or with dual V-Mount batteries. The Gemini 2×1 Hard is fully stackable and can be linked together through Ethernet using computer integrated protocols including DMX, CRMX, and RDM. The Lights can cast either full daylight or adjustable RGB colors and delivers consistently accurate, flicker-free performance at any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity with ultra-smooth dimming from 100 percent to .1 percent.

The LitePanels Gemini 2×1 Hard is available now, priced from $6,300 at Litepanels authorized retailers. More information about Gemini 2×1 Hard can be found at LitePanels.com.

Credit: 4Kshooters.net