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It is no longer news that Aputure lunched a new set of powerful fixtures! it was first announced sometime in June 2023 and a lot of filmmakers were excited about meeting and using the light. The Electro Storm includes two extremely powerful point-source fixtures – the full-color Electro Storm CS15 and bi-color Electro Storm XT26. They also launched two heavy-duty lighting modifiers – the motorized F14 Fresnel and the Spotlight Max projection lens.

The new Aputure Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26 are respectively a full-color RGBWW and a bi-color spotlight. They have an output of 1,500 and 2,600W each. According to Aputure, the former can compete with 1.8kW HMI fixtures, while the latter can potentially replace 12kW tungsten Fresnel or 4kW HMI lights. Both fixtures offer step-less dimming from 0.1 up to 100% of their intensity. The Electro Storm CS15 covers a color temperature range of 2,000-10,000K in its HSI with advanced CCT control mode. The XT26 on the other hand which is the bi-color version is limited to 2,700-6,500K. Additionally, the Electro Storm CS15 also supports XY, RGB, presets and gel modes.

The fixtures support two different output modes – Max and Constant. They also offer green/magenta adjustments and integrate a set of built-in lighting effects. There are 15 lighting effects on the Electro Storm CS15 and 9 on the Electro Storm XT26. It is also important to note that it has liquid-cooling technology to prevent overheating. Below are some other features of the high output LEDs.

1) Dual accessory mount: Bowens + electronic A-mount

The new Electro Storm CS15 and the Electro Storm XT26 come with a new proprietary electronic accessory mount, simply called A-mount. They are one of the most adaptable fixtures in the market because they feature both the universal Bowens Mount and all-new electronic Aputure Mount compatibility.

Aputure A-Mount reflector
Aputure A-Mount reflector. Source: Aputure

Whether used with existing Bowens Mount modifiers, all-new Aputure Mount Reflectors, or the all-new F14 Fresnel the Electro Storm is designed with higher stability, durability, and optimization for heavy-duty modifiers.

Aputure F14 Fresnel lens
Aputure F14 Fresnel lens. Source: Aputure

The A-mount system enables communication between the light head and the mounted accessory, thus allowing the fixture to automatically fine-tune its output to achieve best performance. Moreover, this electronic solution allows users to remotely control motorized accessories.

2) IP Rating

Both models feature a rugged construction that is IP65 rated. This means that the lights are not afraid of dust and water, so you should be able to use them with confidence even when shooting in harsh environments or under inclement weather. For more information about this, visit our blog post on IP Rating.

3) Design and Power

The beafy light head of the Aputure Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26 is identical, measuring 45.7×35.2×28.1cm/17.99×13.86×11.06in and weighing 18kg/39.7lbs without yoke. Both lights come with a separate control box that measures 27.3×26.2×55.0cm/10.75×10.31×21.65in and weighs 19kg/41.9lbs for the full-color version, while it’s slightly heavier on the bi-color variant (20.5kg/45.2lbs).

Aputure 1500c Pro control box
Aputure Electro Storm CS15 control box. Source: Aputure

Given their size and weight, both lights come with a heavy-duty yoke. Moreover, the company introduced a new motorized yoke that is designed specifically to remotely control pan and tilt when using the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26.

Motorized yoke for Aputure Electro Storm series
Motorized yoke for Electro Storm series. Source: Aputure

In the box, you will find a 6-meter AC Power Cable as well as a 7.5-meter Head Cable for firing up the lights using mains power. Alternatively, the control box can also draw juice from external batteries via its dual 48V DC input, which can come in handy when shooting in remote locations.

Aputure Electro Storm CS15 control box
Aputure Electro Storm CS15 control box. Source: Aputure

4) Connectivity and Control

The Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26 offer a comprensive set of professional connectivity tools, including Aputure’s Sidus Link app (iOS/Android), wireless DMX with LumenRadio TimoTwo CRMX chipset, Art-net & sACN via etherCON and 16-bit 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out.

5) Chipset and Color Accuracy

The Electro Storm CS15 utilizes a new dual-blue LED chipset to achieve stunning spectral reproduction with an ultra-high SSI (Tungsten) of 89+ and SSI (D56) of 86+, ensuring industry-leading color quality across its wide 2,000K to 10,000K CCT range. On the other hand, the Electro Storm XT26’s latest-gen dynamic white chipset features green-magenta color correction with +/- .050dUV shift between 3,000K to 6,000K, while producing accurate color throughout its 2,700K to 6,500K CCT range.

6) Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology

To effectively manage heat dissipation and maximize light output, the Electro Storm incorporates advanced liquid cooling technology. This innovative design guarantees that users can access the full potential of the fixture’s light output while maintaining optimal performance.

F14 Fresnel and Spotlight Max

Next to the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26, Aputure also presents two new lighting modifiers, the F14 Fresnel and the Spotlight Max. The F14 is simply an electronic light modifier. The accessory adopts the new A-mount standard and its Fresnel lens has a large diameter of 14”/35cm.

Its motorized zoom range goes from 18 up to 45°. The beam angle is adjustable using the on-board control knob and LCD display or remotely using either the Sidus Link app (via a future update) or DMX. The accessory alone weighs 13kg/28.66lbs and comes in a flight case with its own detachable yoke, barn doors, a sled to fit flat surfaces and a safety chain.

Aputure F14 Fresnel lens
F14 Fresnel lens. Source: Aputure

On the other hand, the new Spotlight Max inherits the legacy of the original Aputure Spotlight mount, but it’s optimized for brighter fixtures such as the LS 600d Pro or the newborn Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26. This Bowens mount projection lens modifier is available in 3 options: 19, 36 and 50°.

The accessory comes in its own rolling hard case. This also includes a detachable yoke, a rotatable Gobo Holder and A-Size Gobos (B-size gobos are also compatible). Finally, if you’d like to use ETC projection lenses, you can do so by picking up the the optional Spotlight Max ETC Lens Adapter.

Aputure Spotlight Max projection len
Spotlight Max projection lens. Source: Aputure

Price and availability

The new Electro Storm CS15 and the Electro Storm XT26 is currently available for purchase. Visit Aputure.com for more information on how to get them.

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