Meet the RADI 09 Air LED series from Aparo Lighting

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Aparo is a lighting manufacturing company based in California. They specialize in developing high quality lighting products for filming and photography. With a large number of amazing lighting fixtures in their collection, Aparo is currently competing with other lights in the mainstream. For the sake of this blog post, we would be looking at their Radi 09 Air series. The RADI Pro Air LED series is made up of the Radi 09 Air (bi-color) and the Radi 09 Pro Air (full-color). They adopt an innovative design of an inflatable softbox and is equipped with the latest SMD LED technology. The LED mat housing is soft, of high quality, and lightweight for easy carrying.

The all-in-one intelligent control box design integrates power supply and control. Also, it has a dual-channel power supply system that can be plugged in. As a result, its easily to adapt to changing shooting locations while keeping the lights always online. It is suitable for various lighting scenarios such as portrait photography, studio broadcasts, movie shooting, and program interviews.

Some other features of the Radi 09 Air LED series include the following:


Firstly, the Radi 09 Air series have a total of 400pcs x W and 400pcs x T LED beads. The selected LED beads have high brightness and stable color temperature. Also, it features high color rendering index (CRI) of 96+, energy-saving, and long lifespan. The total power output is 180W.


It features a quick Selection of 2800K / 3200K / 4000K / 5500K / 6000K / 7000K. In addition, it has a step-less adjustment from 2500K-9999K. Also, the Pro Air full-color version allows for adjustable RGBWW and GM color tone adjustments, RGB, and HSI color adjustment functions. This provides filmmakers with a wider range of creative options. In addition, the built-in color gel mode is fully equipped with a variety of commonly used color gels.


The Radi 09 Air series features a 0-100% Step-less dimming.


There is no highlighted IP Rating for the Radi 09 Air Series. However, it is stated that the lights are not waterproof.


It supports “DeSal Lite+” mobile app intelligent light control, making it easy to achieve “zero-distance” person-light control. The built-in wireless DMX module can wirelessly connect with a DMX console (while retaining a wired DMX port). As a result, the constraints of cable clutter and seamlessly connect to the control station is eliminated.


There are 20 preset scene light effects which includes – Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Lightning 1, Lightning 2, HSI (Slow), HSI (Fast), TV, Candle, Paparazzi, Strobe, High/Low Beam, Double Flash (Harzard), Gathering 1, Gathering 2, Breathing, Red Flash, Green Flash, Blue Flash and RGB Flash. Each of these effects can be freely adjusted for brightness and frequency. As a result, it can better integrate into the environmental atmosphere for efficient shooting.

COMPLETE KIT- Finally, the complete set of the RADI Air LED series contains the following: 1 light, 1 control box, 1 power cable, 1 drapery, 1 air pump, 1 cloth, 1 grid and 1 storage box.

CREDIT: https://www.aparolight.com/product-page/radi-09-air-1