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Have you ever been on set filming as a gaffer and you felt like turning off a lighting fixture? Have you ever plugged in your earpods so it looks like you didn’t hear the Dop give that instruction to ‘roll-out’ the 12k HMI? Yea right….now you can relate! I believe that every gaffer on set have felt like ‘being unprofessional’ at some point. You can fill in the blank space as you wish. As filmmakers whose specialty is lighting, these memes are pretty familiar and would makes us laugh. Because they are experiences inherent in not only the lighting department but also the film space as well.

Imagine striking a setup for a scene and doing a new setup and then the director asks for a retake! This could happen for any reason which ofcourse could be avoided like a continuity error! You know how it feels when the AD gives unrealistic setup time and then screams at the entire light team. It happen a lot in the Nigerian movie industry. The creation of some of  these light memes is inspired by that one minute of silence before lifting the lightest sandbag!

This post shares some of those funny experiences gaffers have on set all the time that is often not talked about. Laughing about them will ease a lot of tension on set.

As gaffers these memes are pretty familiar and has certainly made us laugh. It is important to note that these memes are funny to gaffers only when they are not the ‘victim’ on set!

Image Credit : Instagram @light_dept_meme